Distance Yearning : 'Private Viewing - Full Range' brings a taste of the Ferrari Universe to Singapore

By davidkhoo, 24 November 2021

Singapore - The same people who think Tesla is a car brand probably also think Ferrari is in the business of selling pricey super-sportscars.

However, if you haven’t cottoned-on yet, Tesla is more tech than automotive… and what of Ferrari, you wonder?

Well, the iconic Prancing Horse is in the business of dreams and experiences, which revolve around the allure of motorsports, as well as its stable of sexy, young and old super-sportscars for the young and old that are more emotional than electronic...

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Naturally, it’s difficult to avoid the first para’s linear conclusions if you’re only peering in from the outside, because one needs to be properly immersed in the brand to be able to appreciate the weak-kneed passion the Ferrari brand is capable of evoking in red-blooded tifosi.

Far more than just a flashy car with a flashier price-tag, one needs to consider that in such a rarefied segment, the price-tag is already a given (albeit the source of many click-baity articles) and is accepted as such by the owners, so the only ones who fixate on it tend to be those on the outside.

Beyond the sportscars themselves, the focus of one’s journey with Ferrari is on the community, camaraderie, passion and experiences shared, because those are truly priceless.

It’s hard to top a physical pilgrimage to Ferrari’s hallowed halls in Maranello to soak-in the brand’s essence, but that’s been tough with the borders closed up until very recently.

Ital Auto, Singapore’s official Ferrari importer, certainly gave it a shot with its ‘Private Viewing – Full Range’ mini-exhibition, which was held over two weekends in November to immerse visitors into the world of Ferrari.

This degustation menu of the Ferrari brand transplanted a slice of Maranello into Ital Auto’s transformed showroom and sought to channel the spirit of Ferrari to (re)ignite the passion for it among the visitors, which comprised both prospects and customers.

A total of 90 attendees (spread across properly socially-distanced groups, of course) are greeted by a stunning 488 Challenge Evo race-car in full competition livery as they first enter the showroom. They are then immersed into the Ferrari Universe through the various interactive stations.

This encompassed private sessions with the Ferrari Configurator after a walkaround of the latest Roma and F8 Tributo models, a walkthrough of the benefits of buying through the Ferrari Approved programme, ‘race-driving’ stints in the Driving Simulation Centre, an intimate tête-à-tête with a F50 while taking in the array of special tools used on Ferraris and the pièce de résistance (for us at least), a visually-stunning ‘virtual’ tour of the Ferrari factory in Maranello that captured everything but the smells in the factory.

Mr. Jeremy Gaw (pictured above on the right), General Manager of Ital Auto Pte. Ltd. said, “This was a great opportunity to connect with customers and prospects and share with them a taste of the different experiences and services that await them as a Ferrari owner, once we are able to travel to the home of Ferrari again. Guests were particularly thrilled by the Virtual Reality tour and have already expressed a desire to attend the Factory Tour in real life.”

Mr. Dieter Knechtel (pictured above), President of Ferrari Far East and Middle East added, “We wanted to take this opportunity to present the full model range as well as all areas of business like Ferrari Approved, Ferrari Aftersales Service and Personalisation. Guests will be able to discover the world of Ferrari through its core concepts and interact with the elements that make the Prancing Horse unique. Activities such as these remain a very important touch-point for Ferrari as it allows us to engage directly with our clients and to foster long term relationships with them, which is key to the brand’s success.”

PHOTOS Ital Auto / Ferrari Far East

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