Listen to the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport being thrashed on track

By topgear, 10 June 2020

We know that Bugatti is working hard to make sure the Pur Sport isn’t just another special edition Chiron. It’s 50kg lighter than the car on which it’s based. Pointier and more aggressive with heavily revised suspension, shorter gearing and a huge wing.

Testing at Germany’s Blister Berg circuit goes on – chassis engineer Sven Bohnhorst (who we first met in April) continues to lap one of Europe’s most hardcore tracks, making little adjustments to the Chiron’s setup. “In terms of development, we are close to reaching our goals,” he explains.

Which is good news, given sales have begun and production is due to start later this year. 60 will be made, with each buyer paying at least €3million for the privilege of owning the Driver’s Bugatti. A car Sven says is “for all those who have petrol in their blood”.

See what Sven and his colleagues have been up to with their deeply cool black-on-black development mule in the short video up top. Certainly sounds like a Chiron, doesn’t it?

STORY Tom Harrison

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