Yes, a GT-R-engined Nissan Juke-R really is for sale

By topgear, 03 April 2020

Now you don’t see these things everyday… VDM Cars in deepest Deutschland claims to have in its possession an actual Nissan Juke-R. One of just five built, it says, and now available to buy for a mere £580k (or about S$1m at current forex rates before taxes/COE etc.).

You remember the Juke-R, don’t you? A one-off built by engineering company RML, with Nissan’s full backing, it married the platform and drivetrain of an R35 GT-R with the body of the carmaker’s then-new small crossover. A few years later there was the Juke-R 2.0, which was much the same except MORE and BETTER.

Legend has it Nissan/RML ended up building four Juke-Rs – two for Europe and two for the Middle East. Which makes this car… not a proper Juke-R. Our friends at MotorTrend did a bit of digging. According to them, this particular Juke-R – car number five – was built by the lunatics at Severn Valley Motorsport using a genuine Juke-R shell obtained from RML and all the important oily bits.

Said oily bits include the GT-R’s trick all-wheel drive system, its 7spd DCT and twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre V6 engine. Only power is up to between 650 and 700hp, according to VDM.

A curious one, for sure, but worth almost £600k? Check out the listing on JamesList (which is like eBay for the obscenely wealthy) by clicking on these blue words

STORY Tom Harrison
PHOTOS VDM Cars via JamesList

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