You must spec your AMG GT Black Series in MAGMA orange

By topgear, 28 July 2020

We’ll keep this brief, because - much like us - you’ve no doubt been stunned into silence by the vibrancy of the AMG Black Series GT above. Mercedes-AMG tells us this wild new hue, which it calls (cue Dr Evil voice) MAGMA beam, is reserved exclusively for the 730hp GT.

There are a few pictures of the GT wearing this simply delightful new colour, which should help you come to the same conclusion we have: that if you are considering a million dollar machine that pushes every possible boundary concerning road-going performance, you must option it in the wildest colour possible. If the performance promised - and indeed the sound of that V8 - doesn’t wake you up, MAGMA certainly will.


STORY Vijay Pattni

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