Playseat's new lightweight sim rig is out now

By topgear, 21 April 2023

Playseat's new lightweight sim rig is out now

Playseat, purveyor of sim rigs that tend to be mostly compatible with your kids' dreams of one day being able to afford to go to university, has just announced a brand new place to park your bum while you're playing racing games.

A collaboration with gaming peripheral manufacturer Logitech, the Playseat Trophy Logitech G Edition is designed to be durable, adjustable and, at a mere 17 kilos, promises to be lightweight enough that you won't need to drink a protein shake before you drag it in front of the telly for a bit of Gran Turismo.

We particularly like the inclusion of a heat dissipating material called ActiFit on the seat to avoid that most unpleasant of sim-racing afflictions: sweaty back syndrome.

Another unique aspect of this particular rig is the fact that, while its carbon steel construction is sturdy enough to handle a direct drive wheel, it has a more open design than most, increasing the chances of you being able to clamber in and out without smashing your leg on the frame and suffering from a severed kneecap or something.

The Playseat Trophy Logitech G Edition is available right now for a relatively reasonable £529, meaning the only thing standing between you and it is the withering looks from your significant other when the delivery person hauls it out of the back of the van...

STORY Mike Channell

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