This is a Tamiya Wild One that you can actually drive

By topgear, 29 April 2021

The Little Car Company – yep, the folk responsible for the brilliant 88km/h, all-electric Bugatti Baby II – is collaborating with Tamiya to launch a fantastic-looking 8/10th scale Wild One MAX that real-life humans can actually drive. Eighties kids, it’s time to get excited.

The Wild One (in its more usual 1/10th scale) was originally released back in 1985, before being reborn in 2012 thanks to its cult popularity. When it returns once again in 2022, though, it’ll be as a 3.5m long, 1.8m wide off-road buggy that weighs around 250kg and can seat anyone between 5ft3 and 6ft5 tall. Very cool.

The Wild One MAX will feature a spaceframe chassis, proper coil-over suspension and chunky off-road tyres at the rear. It’ll be rear-wheel drive too and powered by a 5.5bhp electric motor for a top speed of 48km/h. The 2kWh onboard PowerPack will provide a range of up to 40km, and there’s even a regenerative braking system with hydraulic Brembo discs on each corner. Crikey.

Three drive modes – Eco, Novice and Race – will control things like top speed and throttle mapping, whilst the interior includes digital gauges and a racing steering wheel.

The best bit about all of this, though? The Little Car Company says that – like with proper Tamiya models – there’ll be the chance to assemble the MAX at home. Oh, and there’ll be a fairly hefty upgrade catalogue too. You’ll be able to get things like a bigger battery, a more powerful motor, high-performance suspension and a four-point harness.

Plus, there will apparently be a ‘Tarmac Pack’ that adds road tyres and mudguards, as well as a ‘Road Legal Pack’ that’ll mean you can drive this ridiculously cool oversized R/C car on public roads under quadricycle legislation.

What a wicked thing this is. We’re ready to get our big kid on. Prices will apparently start from £6,000 plus taxes and anyone can reserve a build slot today with a £100 deposit. What do we think, folks?

STORY Greg Potts

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