Crivens, Morgan is now doing actual model year updates

By topgear, 06 June 2021

When Morgan launched the new Plus Four and Plus Six, the pair were described as ‘modern Morgans’. Based, as they are, on a thoroughly new aluminium chassis that will – in time – play host to fancy new stuff like electrified powertrains and active safety systems.

Further proof of how modern new-age Mogs are arrives with the form of MY22 updates for the Four and Six – yes, an actual 2022 model-year upgrade that makes useful little tweaks in places where they’re needed.

And from experience of running a Plus Four in the TG Garage, we can confirm some of them really were needed. The headline act is an all-new convertible roof design, one less likely to chip your fingernails as you latch and unlatch it.

And perhaps more usefully, one less likely to seep in barely visible waterfalls of rain when you’re driving roof-up on a really torrid day. Sure, Morgans are probably rarely used on torrid days, but it’s fair to say slightly damp jeans have been A Thing more than once in our Mint Mog’s stay at TG.

Then there’s new, more supportive seats and better connectivity – aka a pair of USB ports to charge your devices (which’ll link to an invisible Bluetooth audio system, controlled using your phone screen) rather than a 12v socket you need a separate adaptor for.

Morgan’s also made some exciting new options available: a two-stage active sports exhaust allows you to hush the sound of the Four’s 258hp 4cyl turbo and the Six’s 340hp 6cyl turbo through quaint villages, then liberate it as you pass the NSL sign. Perhaps more useful day-to-day is a lockable storage compartment behind the seats.

STORY Stephen Dobie

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