Here are more technical details of the 600+hp Porsche Macan EV

By topgear, 22 December 2023

Here are more technical details of the 600+hp Porsche Macan EV

Porsche has been slowly drip-feeding us information about its all-electric Macan for what seems like decades.

Heck, its last announcement back in October centred mostly around a boat but somehow gave us more powertrain details.

But now there’s been a rather large dump of technical info, and we get to see the production car’s interior for the first time too!

Let’s start with the inside. As you can see, the Macan EV (not its official name, currently Porsche is referring to this thing as ‘the new Macan’) will get an interior that looks remarkably similar to the one in the Taycan, the Cayenne and the upcoming Panamera.

That means there are up to three screens. The 12.6-inch digital dial display and 10.9-inch central touchscreen are both standard, while the second 10.9-inch passenger touchscreen is optional and uses a special film to stop the driver from seeing its contents. Still a separate climate control panel with buttons though. Good news. 

Porsche has also let slip that it will offer an augmented reality head-up display for the first time on this Macan, with navigation arrows and driver assist functions being displayed closer to the driver’s line of sight. 

What else? Well, there’s a light strip with 56 LEDs that runs right across the front of the interior and communicates greetings, warnings or charging states and the like.

Oh, and you’ll have access to the new Porsche App Centre where you can download third-party apps like BBC Sounds, Spotify, YouTube or even TikTok. Uh oh.

We’re also told there’s updated voice control tech and that the whole infotainment system has been upgraded to be much quicker. Plus, there’s much more of a sloping coupe-like roofline than you might expect. 

So, to the powertrain. We already knew the Macan would be built on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) platform that Porsche has developed in partnership with Audi.

We also knew that it would have a fancy 800-volt architecture for rapid 270kW charging, and that it would be able to split its 100kWh battery into two banks that can charge simultaneously when a charger is only capable of 400-volts. Clever. 

Porsche currently says that in the top spec (Turbo S?) trim "peak power will be roughly 610hp" and we’re told that max torque will be more than 1000Nm. Yikes.

We’ll see that and an entry level model with a less powerful rear motor at launch, with the range topper also getting an electronically controlled diff lock on the rear axle as standard. And after a quick passenger ride in said version, we can confirm that it’s rather rapid. 

When you want to stop the thing, the Macan will be capable of 240kW of regen, and to aid manoeuvrability there will be optional rear-wheel steering that reduces the turning circle by over a metre and should aid stability at motorway speeds.

Yep, in a Macan! Air suspension will be standard on top spec versions and optional elsewhere, and it’ll give you the ability to raise the car by up to 40mm in off-road mode or drop it by 30mm in sport mode.

Reckon this all-electric Macan will be a success?

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