HWA AG will turn the classic Mercedes 190E Evo II into a €700k+ restomod

By topgear, 27 November 2023

HWA AG will turn the classic Mercedes 190E Evo II into a €700k+ restomod

Getting tired of all the 911s and Alfas that are being restored? Worry not as the Mercedes-Benz 190 Evo II is being revived by German motorsport and engineering outfit HWA AG, which has now teased initial details and sketches. Spoiler alert: the sketches look… exactly like the Evo II.

Named the HWA ‘Evo’ (how surprising) and limited to just 100 units, the goal is to retain the majority of the styling cues but add a few new aero-focused touches to modernise the Evo’s now 33-year old design.

It will also benefit from an all-new powertrain, which means that we could see a big leap from the car’s original output of 235hp and 245Nm of torque. Naturally, HWA is planning an overhaul of the chassis and brakes.

Curated - a well-known player in the car restoration scene - has also been drafted in to help oversee the Evo project. Having built its reputation from working on ultra-rare classics such as the Bugatti EB110, Ferrari F40 and Jaguar XJ220, a plucky four-door Merc should be a piece of cake, right?

John Temerian, co-founder of Curated, said: “We couldn't be more excited for this project. With a shared appreciation for the essence of originality - and the authentic understanding of tenacity, technical mastery and mechanical excellence - HWA & Curated are joining forces in the pursuit of new automotive perfection. This venture merges state-of-the-art technology, ‘90s nostalgia and the thrill of the drive.”

With just 100 units planned for production - which will begin in the winter months of 2025 - and set to be priced at €700+k a piece, the HWA Evo acts as a modern interpretation of an already homologated special in the 190 Evo II.

Just 500 of these were built to allow the Mercedes-Benz W201 to go on to become a titan of the DTM series in the '90s. Watch this space...

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