Lexus and Singapore Golf Association tee off a three year partnership

By jaytee, 27 April 2021
Pictured: Samuel Yong, Jasmmine Wong, Ross Tan, Jerome Ng
Pictured: Samuel Yong, Jasmmine Wong, Ross Tan, Jerome Ng

Singapore Island Country Club, Singapore – Borneo Motors, the authorised distributor for Lexus in Singapore, signed a three-year partnership agreement with the Singapore Golf Association (SGA).

The partnership between the Lexus and the SGA will last for three years, with the aim of boosting the SGA’s Junior Development and High Performance golfing programmes.

Lexus and SGA will work towards promoting the development and growth of golf in Singapore, enabling and nurturing the next generation of budding golfers through holistic programmes and a strong support network to compete at the national and international level.

This follows in the footsteps of Lexus’s sponsorship of Hideki Matsuyama, victor of the 2021 Masters Tournament held at the Augusta National Golf Club in the US, and the first Japanese golfer to win the coveted tournament.

Apart from the partnership with SGA, Borneo Motors has also been a proud sponsor of Olympic medallist Joseph Schooling in his pursuit for greatness in the Tokyo Olympics.

Lexus has always been a strong supporter of golf, believing that the values of resilience and sportsmanship emulate the brand’s core beliefs of craftsmanship and excellence, values that resonate with Lexus’s customers.

Lexus Singapore and SGA will support the following programmes and tournaments: the Singapore Junior Golf Championship 2021, the biggest junior golfing event; the “Get Golfing with SGA!” campaign which aims to introduce golf to the masses; and the SGA Fundraising Golf Day 2021, to raise funds for aspiring Olympic golfers.

Speaking at the event, Jasmmine Wong, CEO of Inchcape Singapore and Greater China said, “Together with SGA we will work towards Youth Golf development and I will invite our valued Lexus customers on this journey together to increase junior golf participation and nurture the next Joseph Schooling of Singapore Golf.”

“We would like to leverage on Lexus to jointly inspire our next generation of aspiring golfers. Judging from our strong success in the last SEA Games, our national and youth programs are yielding dividends and we need to keep up the momentum. The rapid development of our high performance and junior development programs are the testimonies of our effort,” said Ross Tan, President of the Singapore Golf Association.

Officiating the event alongside Ms Jasmmine Wong and Mr Ross Tan was Mr Samuel Yong, Director of strategic marketing and business strategy for Borneo Motors, and Mr Jerome Ng, General Manager of the Singapore Golf Association.

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