Lexus LC500 Inspiration Series V8 coupe features new performance parts

By topgear, 17 August 2023

Lexus has revealed a limited edition of its rather delectable LC500 Coupe and Convertible called ‘Inspiration Series’. Silly name for what remains a disarmingly good-looking car with a disarmingly traditional powertrain that – cue the now ubiquitous line – ‘we won’t see the likes of again’.

While this Inspiration Series LC500 is bound only for the US market, it’ll be limited to just 125 units across both bodystyles. What you get for your money are a few performance tweaks and trim garnish to freshen up the big lug.

Of the latter, it’s a special ‘Polar Surge Satin’ finish (fancy name for ‘white’) for the exterior, while inside it’s a ‘Deep Blue’ (um, ‘blue’) interior. The convertible adds blue to the fabric roof, too, and each bodystyle gets black finishing for the front grille surround, head- and tail-lights and mirror casings. They’ll both ride on 21in forged wheels with matte black paint, too.

About the performance bit. There are new front bumper canards that Lexus says helps to “balance lift”, while the LC500 Coupe gets a carbonfibre fixed rear wing and carbonfibre roof.

There’s a Torsen limited slip diff thrown into both cars, along with new rear dampers that claim “increased vehicle response and a more refined driving feel”. The Coupe also gets the Convertible’s underfloor braces front and back for increased stability.

Nothing’s been added to the engine, so it remains a naturally-aspirated 5.0-litre V8 pushing out around 477hp and just under 540Nm of torque. No, you’re right, ‘we won’t see the likes of this again’.

Each Inspiration Series gets a Mark Levinson stereo with many watts, Alcantara seats, and carbonfibre scuff plates.

STORY Vijay Pattni

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