Novitec's Ferrari 488 Pista is actually really nice

By topgear, 14 August 2019

The modified supercar market is huge these days. It’s with inevitability that Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren’s latest wares (not to mention a whole heap of other marques) will have power, torque and carbon thrown unsympathetically at them mere months after they’ve been signed off by their own engineering team. We’ve become immune to the whole thing.

But then occasionally there’s a supercar so sublime, upon hearing it’s had some aftermarket tuning we fear for it. It’s already perfect (or thereabouts) and making it louder, faster and shinier just seems wrong. News of Novitec getting its hands on a Ferrari 488 Pista sent us running to our bunkers to hide from the world, then.

We needn’t have worried. It looks… good. Doesn’t it? This is as classy as supercar modification gets. There’s a bit more exposed carbon on the outside (though Ferrari’s own options list can bring the Pista to similar levels), darkened rear lights and some stockier wheels. They’re 21in up front, 22in at the rear and work alongside a 35mm ride drop to give the 488 track-special a more assertive stance.

But not aggressive, we’d argue. It means business but it’s nowhere near as bolshie as a lot of cars on this scene.

Same goes for the power upgrades. The standard 720hp has risen to 800hp, dropping the 0-100km/h time from 2.85 to 2.70secs while lifting the top speed from 340 to 345km/h. We emerged from the stock Pista fearing for our licences, and while Novitec clearly couldn’t resist giving the twin-turbo V8 a bit of a tickle, things have been kept sane by the standards of the market.

There’s even a nose-lift system to ensure it’ll still drive over speed bumps. Want one?

STORY Stephen Dobie

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