Oh no, tuners have got hold of the BMW M8 Gran Coupe

By topgearsingapore, 12 January 2022

Just when you thought ‘BMW’ and ‘looks hideous’ had stopped trending together on Twitter, along comes tuner Zacoe with a transformation of the M8 Gran Coupe that'll, let's say 'challenge' accepted wisdom.

Along with the M5 Competition, the M8 Gran Coupe was potentially the last properly good-looking M car, so that massive new carbon fibre rear wing (along with the side sill extensions, the new diffuser and that front splitter) certainly provokes. 

We’re not sure about those fussy five-spoke wheels either.

Thankfully Zacoe will also offer a much more palatable ducktail spoiler, though. Oh, and it leaves the drivetrain well alone, meaning you get the standard 616bhp from the twin-turbo V8 in Competition form.

TEXT Greg Potts

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