Range Rover Electric will have the same performance as a V8 Rangie

By topgear, 22 December 2023

Range Rover Electric will have the same performance as a V8 Rangie

In news that’ll likely surprise, the incoming new Range Rover Electric is a Range Rover powered solely by electricity.

And today we learn these electricities will give it performance equivalent to a 'flagship' Range Rover V8.

Welcome to the future of luxury SUVs, then: step right in, the water’s still… really very punchy, actually.

For context, the current 'flagship' full-size Range Rover is the SV, and that boasts a mild-hybrid V8 powertrain to punch out 614hp.

The SV also manages 0-100km/h in 4.5secs and a top speed of 260km/h, numbers the new Range Rover Electric will try its hardest to trump.

Because the new Range Rover Electric will, according to its makers, “continue to set the standard”.

At this early stage, Range Rover has only released this initial set of teaser images, the knowledge of its V8-baiting performance and the fact the first physical versions have been built.

Indeed prototype testing is well under way, with engineers aiming for “the quietest and most refined Range Rover ever created”.

We know this Range Rover Electric will be spun off the company’s ‘Modular Longitudinal Architecture’ (MLA), which might be of interest to you if platform codes make you happy.

What might be of more interest is its testing programme, taking in temperatures ranging from -40C to +50C in locales as varied as Sweden and Dubai.

Indeed, in news that'll likely surprise, a brand new car is being Very Tested: the underfloor, battery durability, the strength of its chassis, and of course, its pointiness. Everything will undergo a punishing exam.

“Across the globe, we’re seeing the highest levels of client demand in our 53-year history,” said Range Rover MD Geraldine Ingham.

As such, the waiting list for the electric Range Rover called Range Rover Electric is now officially OPEN.

STORY Vijay Pattni

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