Some Italians are building an electric Alfa Giulia restomod

By topgear, 01 April 2020

You’ll have heard by now that this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed has been postponed for, well, obvious reasons. No doubt this also means many of the cars due to be revealed at the event have also been delayed. We really hope this isn’t one of them…

May we present Totem Automobili’s Alfa Romeo Giulia GT. Well, a drawing of it. Set to be revealed at 2020’s now-postponed FoS, it’s a heavily modified Alfa GT Junior with a full carbon body, a 50.4kWh battery pack (giving around 320km of range) and completely re-done interior.

Indeed while the GTelectric requires a donor GT Junior, much of the old car is simply thrown away. Only 10 per cent of the chassis is retained, with the remainder built-up in aluminium to give the strength required to handle 525hp and 940Nm. Of course there’s modern suspension and brakes too, plus a roll-bar we’re promised is neatly integrated into the new tech-heavy cabin.

The price will no doubt be exceptionally high, especially given Totem isn’t simply slotting an electric drivetrain into an old car, but tearing the whole thing apart and fundamentally changing its structure.

Intrigued? We certainly are.

STORY Tom Harrison
PHOTOS Totem Automobili

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