The BMW M8 got a facelift for 2022. No, really.

By leowjulen, 27 January 2022

What’s the old saying? If it ain’t broke, don’t facelift it? Doesn’t apply to cars, though, which is why we have a new BMW M8 Competition. Actually, three new ones if you count Coupe, Convertible and GranCoupe as separate, and why wouldn’t you?

According to our pals at CarBuyer, these’ll hit Singapore in the second quarter of the year (2Q22, then) along with the LCI versions of the 8 Series in general, which gives you a couple of months to stare at these lovely pics from BMW and see if you can spot what’s new. Go on, take your time.

Give up? Us, too. Apparently the front grille’s slats look a bit different, the headlights are rejiggered, but otherwise the styling tweaks are minimal, and aren’t you glad?

Something else we’re glad they’ve kept is the 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8, sporting the same 625hp and 750Nm of torque as before. But then it’s an absolutely mega engine that provides 0-100km/h times in the low threes, so why change a winning formula? The editor rates it, anyway. He hasn’t stopped talking about his drive of the M8 Competition Coupe at Portimao.

What you do get with the facelift is a new set of 20-inch wheels, the option of darker ‘Shadow Line’ headlights and a larger 12.3-inch infotainment screen to fill up the interior. 

There’s also slightly more Alcantara than before, and there are eight more exterior colours to pick from. Want to know what they’re called? Of course you do.

The new-to-M8 shades are Skyscraper Grey metallic, Brooklyn Grey metallic, Isle of Man Green metallic, Tanzanite Blue metallic, Frozen Pure Grey metallic, Frozen Deep Grey metallic, Frozen Deep Green metallic and Frozen Tanzanite Blue metallic. Whole lot of metallic going on there.

At the same time, the standard 8 Series has also been updated with four new colours, the same 12.3-inch touchscreen and a light-up BMW “Iconic Glow” kidney grille as standard, although it’s anyone’s guess as to whether the fun-loving chaps at the Land Transport Authority will allow that is. They blocked the Rolls-Royce Ghost’s illuminated front grille from entering the country.

Non-M cars will also now get an ‘M sports package’ as standard, which includes some sportier styling tweaks, 19-inch wheels and an M sports brake system. The V8-engined M850i also picks up some standard M-spec wing mirrors. If you want our advice, though, if you’re going to go M with a car that looks this good, don't’ stop at the mirrors.


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