The Ferrari 296 GTB configurator is live

By topgear, 07 July 2021

So, you’ve had time to digest all of the minutiae surrounding Ferrari’s rather lovely-looking new twin-turbo V6-engined hybrid supercar – the 296 GTB – right? 

Good, because now’s your chance to pretend that the money to buy one has just landed in your account out of nowhere. Alternatively, if you have that kind of money lying around already, have you ever thought about donating some to TG? Y’know, for research purposes…

Anyway, what we’re trying to say is that the 296 GTB configurator is now live, and there are plenty of interesting options to play with. Check out our rather outlandish creations above. Hey, we never claimed to be car designers. 

Your first choice on the configurator is whether you’re going ‘standard’ 296 (remember that still means 830hp being sent to the rear wheels alone) or whether you’d like to equip the Assetto Fiorano pack.

Essentially, the pack adds adjustable shocks, a ‘Lexan’ rear screen, a 250 LM livery and plenty of carbonfibre details inside and out. That livery addition can be had in either yellow or white by the way, but you don’t have to spec it if it’s not your bag.

There are the usual Ferrari paint and interior colours (with the option to contact a dealer if you fancy something more bespoke) but you cannot go wrong with Verde British paint, silver wheels and absolutely none of the carbon fibre boxes ticked. Perfection.

Click these blue words to have a crack at the configurator

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