The Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain is an SUV for people who don’t want an SUV

By topgear, 19 August 2021

A couple of years back Mercedes decided it wanted to go after Audi and Volvo by building an Allroad/Cross Country-style lifted estate. The result was the E-Class All-Terrain and we liked it a lot, even if very few people in the UK actually bought one. 

Now there’s a new All-Terrain, this time based on the C-Class Estate and in Merc’s words, it’s a car “for those who find a conventional estate car less than suitable off-road, and an SUV too high-legged”. 

Basically you get 40mm more ground clearance, standard ‘4MATIC’ all-wheel drive, a couple of off-road drive modes, hill-descent control, an off-road mode for the fancy LED headlights (giving you a wider field of view) and lots of black plastic cladding. We’re told it “makes light work of light terrain such as unmetalled tracks”. 

It boasts the same engine options as the normal C-Class – all electrified four-cylinder petrol and diesels – and the same S-Class-inspired interior, too. 

STORY Tom Harrison

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