There is nothing new about the ‘new’ BMW Z4

By topgearsingapore, 29 September 2022

There is nothing new about the ‘new’ BMW Z4

Normally when a car gets ‘facelifted’ the manufacturer seizes the opportunity to update its styling, aligning it with the latest trends. There’ll be fresh infotainment because touchscreens age faster than iPhones, and usually a dollop more horsepower under the bonnet to give existing owners FOMO. Sometimes these days, you can expect some sort of new-fangled hybrid version. 

The ‘new’ BMW Z4 has… none of these things. There are two versions: a 194bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder, and the range-topping 335bhp straight-six M40i. As you were. Unlike the Toyota Supra, you still can’t get a manual gearbox. There’s no hard-top coupe – if you want that, you’ll have to buy the Japanese version. No true M version either.

Outside… the grilles aren’t as grotesque as most new-new BMWs, but the rest of the Z4 still looks as gawky and lumpy as before. As you can see, it’s now available in purple, in case you’d like to know what it’s like to drive around in an aubergine emoji. 

Inside there’s a central driving position and a touchscreen steering wheel for the rocket launchers. Only joking. It looks like the last Z4. Still, that means that unlike most other new BMWs, you still get buttons for working the heater without taking both eyes off the road ahead. How very safe and sensible.

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