There’s a new five-door Suzuki Jimny, and you can’t have it*

By topgear, 17 January 2023

There’s a new five-door Suzuki Jimny, and you can’t have it*

The plucky little Suzuki Jimny - which was withdrawn from sale in Europe three years ago because of tightening emissions rules - has spawned a new five-door variant, and you’re not allowed to play with it. Boo.

Revealed this week at the Auto Expo in Delhi and inventively named the Jimny 5-Door, it’ll be sold domestically in India for the first time by Maruti Suzuki, a subsidiary of the Japanese firm.

Just as wide and tall as the Jimny Commercial (remember, the one that’s still available in the UK as a CO2-regulation workaround), the length and wheelbase each increase by 340mm to make room for the extra door, with ‘special rear seats and interior trim adopted in the rear space’. Whatever that means.

Power comes from a 1.5-litre petrol engine, with a choice of five-speed manual or four-speed automatic gearboxes.

It’s unlikely we’ll see the Jimny 5-Door on our shores any time soon, though the Indian-built Jimny (production of the Mk4 moved over from Japan in 2020) will be exported to Latin America and Africa.

Let us Google ‘how to emigrate’ immediately.

TEXT Joe Holding

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