This Mini Remastered wants to be James Bond's Lotus

By topgear, 06 March 2020

No Time to Die may have just been delayed by a few months, but everyone is still very much in a 007-y kind of mood. Take British talent show judge and record executive Simon Cowell, who’s just taken delivery of this Bond-inspired David Brown Mini Remastered.

The Mini Remastered is effectively an original Mini that’s been Singer-ised. David Brown Automotive strips donor Minis to their component parts, retains and refurbishes the engine, transmission and chassis (necessary to keep the original chassis number), and replaces pretty much everything else with modern components. These cars have all-new interiors with full infotainment systems, de-seamed exterior body panels and so-on.

As with pretty much any luxury item, you can personalise a Mini Remastered to your exact specs. That’s kind of the point, after all. So Simon Cowell has modelled his on the bronze Lotus Esprit Turbo featured (briefly) in 1981 Bond film For Your Eyes Only.

It’s painted in an original Lotus colour called ‘Copper Glow’, to match the movie car, with a black roof and wheel arches. And of course there’s the hand-painted ‘Sahara Gold’ stripes and the word ‘Turbo’ written down the side. Even though this Mini doesn’t actually have a turbo.

Inside there’s a glossy walnut dashboard, white leather and Alcantara aplenty and a seven-inch touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity.

Remastered Minis start at around £75,000, but no doubt this one cost substantially more than that. Fancy one of your own?

STORY Tom Harrison

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