This Tesla wants to go off-road

By topgear, 18 June 2020

If you want an electric Tesla but can’t wait for the enormous Cybertruck to be production-ready (whenever that will be), a German off-road specialist has a short term solution for you.

delta4x4 (they really need to get the shift and space keys on their keyboard fixed) is now offering the Tesla Model 3 with a 25mm ride height lift and a set of hiking boots, also known as 245/45/18 all-terrain tyres wrapped around some green-lane friendly 18-inch rims.

The tuner’s mods are relatively inexpensive, with the lift kit costing €430, Cooper tyres €1,300 and phone dial wheels costing another €2,300. Admittedly, it’s an incredibly simple solution, but apparently one people are asking for. Specifically, the people of Norway.

Mainly because the Norwegians have taken to EVs in a big way, largely thanks to the fiscal benefits that come with running a car powered by batteries. Plug-in vehicles now represent over 75 per cent of vehicle sales in the country, and Tesla is one of the most popular brands.

And EVs actually suit off-road driving, as the delivery of torque is smooth and instant. So you can creep up lanes with oodles of torque, all in silence. But this solution will only get you so far. If you want to hit more treacherous terrain in an EV, we have to wait for Tesla to make a proper off-roader. Whenever that may be.

STORY Rowan Horncastle

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