Turn your classic Mini into an EV

By topgear, 05 November 2020

We’ve all done it. We’ve all said to ourselves, ‘I’d love to buy a classic Mini and restore it’. Now’s your chance to do just that, while keeping with the times. Swindon Powertrain has launched its ‘Classic Mini Kit’. Which is a kit. For Minis. That are classic.

Said Classic Mini Kit is a box of toys comprised of the company’s ‘HPD E’ setup, featuring a 108hp brushless, permanent magnet motor, a transmission, open diff, and all the relevant cabling. Only here, it’s all pre-mounted to a Mini’s front subframe, with brackets specifically designed for the install.

There are also specially designed inner CV joint housings that allow fitment of standard Mini driveshaft assemblies, while you can swap out the standard diff for an optional LSD.

Other optional items (that you actually really need) include a 12kWh battery pack – that slots in under the bonnet – motor controller, onboard charger and DC-DC converter, a speed sensor kit and cooling system pump.

The kit weighs just 70kg, and prices start at £8,850 (plus VAT, so £10,620). You can order it now with deliveries starting in December. Perfect for that Christmas project.

“We have tried to make our kits as easy to use as possible,” explains Swindon Powertrain commercial director Gérry Hughes, “re-engineering and redesigning the package so that it fits perfectly in a classic Mini.”

STORY Vijay Pattni

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