VW has bottled giving its electric SUV a funny name

By topgear, 04 March 2020

Hah! VW just can’t quite bring itself to be actually zany and cooky in real life, can it? There it goes, calling its electric SUV concept car the ‘ID Crozz’, because, like, it’s a crossover that’s all 21st Century and millennial and got zeds (or zees, if you like), in its name. Mad scenes.

And then, the production version emerges – ignore the swirly paint job, that’s just a distraction technique so Volkswagen can squeeze out another ‘reveal’ later down the line – and all the zeds are gone. Meet the VW ID4. Not a zed, or a zee, in sight.

VW is at pains to point out the all-electric ID4, which promises a range of some 310 miles, is a very aerodynamic SUV, which is a bit of a tautology if you ask us, like ‘civil war’ or ‘healthy cheeseburger’. If you’re obsessed with aero, why not get the smaller ID3?

Much of the ID4’s spec is very New EV Bingo. Battery pack mounted low to drop the centre of gravity and keep cabin space open? Check. A standard rear-wheel drive version, with a four-wheel drive option coming later? Check. A cabin designed around voice control and touch-sensitive surfaces instead of tactile buttons? Unfortunately, check.

That’s about your lot, for now. Unless you really fetishize large globs of rugged-looking plastic on yer bodywork. Later in 2020, you can decide whether you’d prefer this, or the new Tesla Model Y. Don’t get mad about it. Don’t get, er, Crozzzzzz…

STORY Ollie Kew

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