VW is turning the new Caddy into a mini California

By topgear, 10 August 2020

Those of you who’ve been reading Top Gear for a long time will know we absolutely adore the VW California (some of us more than others – Ollie Marriage, for example, actually went and bought one with his own money). Which is why we’re pretty excited by the news that Volkswagen will soon reveal a mini-California, based on its interesting-looking new Caddy. 

Set to be revealed next month, VW promises its fun-sized camper will be just as comfortable to sleep in as the California and Grand California thanks to a near two-metre long disc-sprung bed. Said bed will be removable, too. VW says its aim was to build an “absolute all-rounder” – a van as good at the everyday as it is at “occasional spontaneous micro-adventures”. 

It gets a massive panoramic glass roof rather than the pop up roof of the mid-sized California, plus removable chairs, table and storage bags that also act as privacy screens for the many windows. Power will come from turbocharged four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, and there’s a gamut of driver assistance systems to help you out on those long drives to wherever. 

The mini-Cali might even look pretty cool, if the standard Caddy is anything to go by. 

More as we have it. 

STORY Tom Harrison

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