Wow, check out Pandem Rocket Bunny’s Toyota GR 86 bodykit

By topgear, 10 October 2021

Like the sound of the new, 2.4-litre flat-four engined Toyota GR 86 but reckon its looks are a little on the safe side? Have we got just the thing for you. Check out this new Pandem Rocket Bunny widebody kit. Bonkers. 

It’s the work of Tops Racing Arts Kyoto (otherwise known as TRA Kyoto) and its founder Kei Miura. Look at that wild front bumper with extra intakes and the riveted arches.

There’s a new diffuser round the back too, as well as a wraparound rear wing that offers some real presence. By the looks of this demonstrator the interior has also been stripped and fitted with a proper roll cage. 

STORY Greg Potts

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