You mean Land Rover is dead? Well sort-of…

By Clifford Chow, 21 April 2023

You mean Land Rover is dead? Well sort-of…

Singapore - The company formerly known as Jaguar Land Rover, is now just JLR… because they want to slay, following their rebranding...

So, anyhoo… the British group reaffirms their Reimagine strategy, with a new House of Brands approach, in a bid to accelerate their transition to become the world’s leading electric-first modern luxury car manufacturer by 2030.

JLR’s Chief Executive Adrian Mardell, reaffirmed the Reimagine strategy saying: “Today I am proud to announce we are accelerating our electrification path, making one of our UK plants and our next-generation medium-size luxury SUV architecture fully electric. This investment enables us to deliver our modern luxury electric future, developing new skills, and reaffirming our commitment to be net zero carbon by 2039.”

With the House of Brands approach, Land Rover as we know it will cease to exist, and instead, Range Rover, Defender, Discovery and Jaguar will be stand-alone brands.

Commenting on the House of Brands approach, JLR’s Chief Creative Officer, Professor Gerry McGovern OBE said: “Pivotal to our Reimagine strategy is the formation of the House of Brands, which is a natural evolution, with a purpose of elevating and amplifying the uniqueness of our characterful British marques. Our ultimate ambition is to build truly emotionally engaging experiences for our clients that, overtime, will build long-term high equity for our brands and long-term sustainability for JLR.”

The first of three products under the new House of Brands, is a 4-door GT, which the Jaguar claims will have more power output than any previous Jaguar, and a range of 700km. The new car will be built upon its very own architecture, named JEA. First customers will expect to take delivery in 2025.

Also in the works, is a mid-sized EV SUV architecture, which we can expect to be utilised across all brands. The electric version of the Range Rover has also been announced, the company has said that they are accepting pre-orders later in 2023.

“With Range Rover, the original luxury SUV, available for pre-order in pure electric form later this year, and the first of three breath-taking electric reimagined Jaguar models to be launched in 2025, we are stepping into an incredibly exciting new electric era for JLR as a modern luxury business” said Mardell.

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