Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid Review : Blaque Pink

By Clifford Chow, 20 June 2023
Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid Review Singapore - Right side
Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid Review Singapore - Right side

Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid Review : Blaque Pink

Singapore - The Toyota Yaris Cross is not that new, but this one was dressed in pink, so we had to take it for a spin.

Toyota’s smallest SUV shares many of its angular design cues with its larger RAV4 sibling, yet it is about the same size as the Yaris supermini which it is related to. So it has a character that is larger than life. Toyota, which is so-well-known for building sensible cars, has been of late, surprising us with some of their creations. For instance, the return of the Supra, though mostly a BMW effort, and who can forget the rally-inspired GR Yaris, which is  spiritually similar to this pink car? Anyway, I had fun driving it, as it did attract a lot of stares.

You’d appreciate the Yaris Cross is a practical fat-free fuel-sipping ability. It also accommodates four decently well, and interior materials seem hard-wearing. However, I feel that they could have taken a leaf from their European counterparts when it comes to material choice, as I find that there can be too many hard surfaces for my liking. This seems to be consistent with Toyota, as can be seen with the Corolla. But even for its simplicity, Toyota has introduced a little play with the “G-Shock-like” digital instrument panel, which matches the organic-looking dashboard. The infotainment system with its 8-inch touchscreen supports both Apple and Android devices, but it does feel less fancy than what the Conti peeps have to offer. If you were to choose the higher-spec ‘Excite’ model, it also comes equipped with a Heads-Up Display, and the full Toyota Safety Sense suite. Over at the rear, it boasts a 390 litre boot, with a unique two-piece collapsible floor.

The 1.5-litre 3-cylinder mill produces 91hp and 120Nm, which might be nothing much to shout about. But this is paired with Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system, which is the actual hybrid drive part of the powertrain. This is branded as an e-CVT, which actually does not run on a belt, as we know how CVTs normally do. The result is very impressive fuel figures. Combined power is claimed at 110hp, and Toyota officially declares its fuel economy at 26.3Km/l. Even with me pushing the car, fuel efficiency never falls below 20km/l, which I feel is hard to beat. However, I do have to mention that the 3-cyl does get quite vocal if you were to go heavy on the right foot.

Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid Review Singapore - 1.5-litre 3-cylinder
Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid Review Singapore - 1.5-litre 3-cylinder

Over most surfaces, the Yaris Cross holds its own. The suspension is on the softer side, which means that ride quality is largely comfortable. The rear suspension, which is a simple torsion bar, does unsettle the ride at times when roads get rough. But then most cars in this segment would be equipped with a simple rear set-up. That said, it can get fun (mildly) chucking the small SUV around.

If you are one who is keen on conserving fuel, the Yaris Cross Hybrid is probably the most frugal full hybrid out there, but it is not cheap for a B Segment car. The base ‘Active’ trim starts at $166,888*, which is around Volkswagen T-Cross R-Line money, and is even more costly than the entry Peugeot 2008.

The better-equipped ‘Excite’ variant’s price also comes close to that of the new Category A COE-friendly Volkswagen Golf. Such is the price of a fuel saving hybrid system.

*Accurate at time of publication

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Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid Active

Engine 1,490cc, inline 3 hybrid
Power (engine) 91hp
Power (motor) 79hp
Power (combined) 110hp
Torque 120Nm
Transmission eCVT
0-100km/h 11.4secs
Top Speed 170km/h
Fuel Consumption 3.8l/100km

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