America's first Bugatti Chiron is reasonably yellow

Bumblebee colour scheme for the first 420km/h Chiron to land on US soil. Like it?

Meet America’s first Bugatti Chiron. It was unveiled at the Pebble Beach concours event at the weekend, and was presumably very hard to miss. Despite the quantity of magnificent metal it appeared to have around it.

North America is Bugatti’s second biggest market for the Chiron (after Europe). Of the circa-250 Chirons ordered so far (from a 500-car run), around 75 are heading for the States.

Including this very yellow example. Yellow isn’t just limited to half of the body panels; the wheels and much of the interior continue the bumblebee colour scheme, which we suspect you’ll either love or hate.

Chirons will cost just shy of $3million (S$4million) in the US, though whether the eye-widening spec of this one swelled the price, we don’t know. Like all Chirons, though, it comes with a 1,479hp quad-turbo engine to endow it with a 420km/h top speed. Less a bumblebee, then, more a rocket-propelled wasp… STORY STEPHEN DOBIE

Author: TopGear
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