Look at this wide-body Rolls Royce Dawn

German tuner creates Dawn 'Overdose' by adding power and arch

Rolls Royce doesn’t shy away from much when it comes to personalisation. They’ll colour-match your car to pretty much anything you like, trim it in whichever material takes your fancy and embellish it with the most obscene details you can imagine. And yet, if you went to Rolls and asked for your Dawn to be widened by 13cm, festooned with carbon fibre, made faster and fitted with ceramic brakes, they’d kick you out of Surrey faster than you can say “wait, I haven’t finished my free macchiato”.

Enter Spofec (after SPirit OF ECstasy, we’re told) – a division of Novitec that exists solely to tune Rolls Royces – and the Dawn ‘Overdose’. To the already quite opulent Dawn Spofec has added power and torque, giving 677bhp. That means 4.6 seconds to 100km/h – a few tenths quicker than a standard Dawn – but an unchanged 155mph top speed “due to the heavy vehicle weight”. The control system for the suspension system has been modified so the Overdose sits 40mm lower than standard (until you get to 87mph, then it pops back up again), there are massive ceramic brakes and wider tyres on 22in alloys.

And of course there’s the body. Flared arches add 13cm to the Dawn’s overall width and give much menace. Carbon bumpers front and rear complete the package – the front one supposedly reducing lift at high speeds.

They’re building eight. Too many? Not enough?


Author: TopGear
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