This is Cupra's 670bhp electric touring car

CupraE Racer1

Still struggling with Seat separating off Cupra? Here's its supercar-quick racer

Cupra has unveiled a 670bhp electric touring car. You may know that Seat has separated Cupra off as a sub-brand, and sceptics of the approach may well be won over by a car as boisterous and exciting as this.

It’s described as the first electric touring car in the world – though you could argue the Tesla Model S racecar is one of those too – and with peak power that rivals a Ferrari 488 GTB, and a constant 402bhp that’s over and above what Seat’s previous Leon touring cars have made.

CupraE Racer2

Oddly this Cupra e-Racer omits any Leon branding – perhaps it’s part of the de-Seatisation of the brand – but it’s very clearly based on the car that’s helped build the company’s hot hatch and touring car heritage.

It’s far wilder than anything that’s gone before it, though, with some very severe aerodynamics in evidence. The rear diffuser could plough a field if it was dropped a few inches, there are voluptuous wheel arches and some bonnet vents that are surely part of an aero package given there won’t be an engine under there.We’ll find out more when the Cupra e-Racer is revealed at the Geneva motor show. In the meantime, what do you think? Is the Cupra brand easier to fathom with a pumped-up racer trumpeting its name?

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Author: TopGear
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