Virgin Ice : Below Zero Ice Driving in aircooled Porsche 911s

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We enjoy our virgin foray on ice with Below Zero Ice Driving at the helm of an air-cooled Porsche 911.


A Kiddie Odyssey : Honda Odyssey Driven [review]


Instead of voyages to faraway lands and fighting monsters, we journey to Kranji to feed the monsters… who are riding in our Honda Odyssey


Art in motion : A visit to Pagani


We go backstage to see the artists of Automobili Pagani at work


E-Z Riding A-Z : Newbie Riders tackle the Mae Hong Song

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Planning a riding tour overseas needn’t be fraught with potholes, even for newbies


Gaining Traction : TGS talks to the Traction Circle Club's President

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The Traction Circle Club’s President, Mr. Yak Tze Yih, tells us about the Club’s first ASN-sanctioned race, and how he hopes to steer the Club into the future


Green and Bear it : Living with the 60Ah BMW i3


As Preeti discovers, an EV city runabout like the BMW i3 isn’t hard to live with at all... even if it's a first-gen 60Ah model


Control. Alternate. Delete. : Interview with the 2017 SMSA President

Sometimes, a hard reset is all that’s needed to start things on a clean slate...


10 Peeks from the 2017 Singapore Motor Show

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The 2017 Singapore Motor Show is upon us again, and here are 10 of our 'peeks' from today...

Singapore - Critics may regard the Singapore Motor Show as a 'COMEX'-style car-mart for car-shoppers, but this year's affair saw an eclectic display of new models that wasn't just there to be wheeled-and-dealed. Even without the presence of the crowd-pulling exotic brands or the more predictable sportscars like the R8 Spyder and NSX, here are 10 wheeled wonders that tickled our fancies... PHOTOS DAVID KHOO / DERRYN WONG

(The 2017 Singapore Motor Show will run from 12-15 Jan 2017 on L3/L4 of the Suntec City Convention Centre)


Colour Fast : BMW F80 M3 Heritage Collection Singapore Edition I

IMG 20161022 103518 copyBMW’s M3 ‘Heritage Collection Singapore Edition I’ is inspired by the iconic E36 M3

Singapore - Used correctly, visual stimuli is one of the most evocative elements in a brand’s arsenal. We’re told not to judge a book by the cover, but the reality is first impressions still matter. With a motorsports tradition and performance pedigree as steeped in illustrious history as BMW’s ‘M’ models, it’s not hard to come across certain iconic colours that are able to lead petrolheads down a path of high-octane nostalgic whimsy.


Nissan R35 GT-R tackles Everest Base Camp : There and Back Again...

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We talk to the gent who took his R35 GT-R from Singapore to Everest Base Camp… and then back again on an epic 15,700km overland journey

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Singapore - When Nissan touted its R35 GT-R to be an ‘everyday supercar’ that anyone could drive anywhere anytime, the last place the brand envisioned it would end up was probably Mt. Everest, or to be exact, Everest’s North Base Camp (EBC) in Tibet at 5,150m above sea level, which is exactly where the spritely 50-something Mr. KC Hoong brought his.