20 cars to see at the 2020 Singapore Motorshow 9 - 12 January 2020

By topgearsingapore, 08 January 2020

How do we know we're in a new year? Well, the Singapore Motorshow is one telltale sign!

Here are some of our faves from the 2020 Singapore Motorshow, which will run from 9-12 January at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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Audi - Level 4, Booth 111

Audi e-tron

Audi's all-electric SUV, the e-tron, finally makes landfall in Singapore. It gets a similar cabin with futuristic touchscreen elements like the Q8's although the dash architecture is distinctly its own. There's an option for trick virtual wing mirrors (pictured above) but it's the drive that's most impressive, because it handles with a sporty verve that belies its practical shape and green credentials.

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BMW - Level 4, Booth 106

BMW M8 Competition Coupe

The 4.4-litre V8-engined M8 Competition Coupe sits proudly at the top of the M model range and boasts a compelling blend of grand touring ability with sportscar dynamism. Like the M5, there's a wide spectrum of powertrain customisation profiles, but thankfully, all the configurable settings can now be called up via a single 'Setup' button. A dedicated 'Track' mode disables the driver assistance and safety intervention systems, as well as blacks out the centre screen so you won’t be distracted when you’re attacking the circuit. There's even an adjustable brake pedal feel between Sport and normal use, which can be useful with the carbon-ceramic brakes specc'd.

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BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe

BMW takes the fight to Mercedes-Benz's new generation compact cars such as the CLA-Class. The 2 Series Gran Coupe combines the utility of a crossover with the sporty sophistication of a coupe, with frameless windows to boot. The 218i Gran Coupe at the Singapore Motorshow is powered by the MINI's 1.5-litre 3cyl, but the M235i Gran Coupe is the model that petrolheads will be salivating over.

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Hyundai - Level 6, Booth 207

Hyundai Venue

The trendy Venue is a stylish SUV that exudes a rugged chic and is feature-packed with plenty of tech and equipment typically found in larger cars. The model for sale in Singapore is powered by a 1.6-litre with Intelligent Variable Transmission, with the all-new, entry-level Venue taking its place as the seventh model in Hyundai's SUV line-up.

Land Rover Defender
Land Rover Defender

Land Rover - Level 4, Booth 115

Land Rover Defender

This cult classic certainly requires no introduction. In this generation, it combines rugged charm with practical utility and comfort on-board so much so some enthusiasts are regarding it as a spiritual successor to the Discovery 4... even though there's the Disco 5 for that. Naturally, the Defender's off-roading credentials are beyond reproach as well, and it's one of those cars that looks even better the muddier it gets!

Mercedes-Benz - Level 6, Booth 211

Mercedes-Benz C 160

Believe it or not, this is a C-Class that sits within Cat A COE. We thought our eyes were fooling us when we saw the 'C 160' badge on its rump, because equipment-wise, this certainly isn't a poverty-spec C-Class despite its entry-level position, but is similar to a C 180 Avantgarde.

The rear-wheels are driven by a M264 1.6-litre with single-scroll turbocharger that produces 129hp/210Nm (the C 200 uses a similar engine, but has a twin-scroll turbo and a 48V mild-hybrid setup).

Mercedes-AMG CLA 35
Mercedes-AMG CLA 35

Mercedes-AMG CLA 35

Another AMG derivative appears to sit below the '45s' in the brand's popular compact four-door coupe CLA-Class. However, you'll need to see this and the A 35 Sedan side-by-side to appreciate the nuances in the styling differences. The 306hp/400Nm punch from the 2.0-litre is mated to the security of the 4Matic's all-wheel drivetrain for confident performance in all surface conditions.

(To read more about the CLA 35 4Matic, click HERE)

MG Cars - Level 4, Booth 105


This is the first (re-)appearance of the MG brand in Singapore since Eurokars secured distributorship. The ZS EV is a family-friendly electric crossover with a claimed 250+km range that promises to be wallet-friendly, yet feature-packed with amenities more commonly found in larger cars.

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MINI - Level 4, Booth 102

MINI Clubman

If you love stationwagons and estates, the Clubman is likely your favourite MINI (as it is ours!), especially down to the barndoor-style tailgate doors. To us, the quirky factor is high in the Clubman, so it's perfectly at home in MINI's line-up. Unlike the first generation Clubman with its suicide-style opening doors (on just one side of the car), the latest Clubman features a more conventional five-door body-style.

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Nissan - Level 6, Booth 205

Nissan 'Tokidoki' Edition

The kawaii 'Tokidoki' Editions of the Serena e-Power and Leaf are Singapore-exclusives that are inspired by the Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision and designed around the theme "Moving People to a Better World". The limited edition 'Tokidoki' models will be available until March 2021 and this is tokidoki's first-ever collaboration with an automotive brand.

Porsche - Level 4, Booth 103

Cayenne Coupe

If the regular Cayenne is the sensible, studious one, this is the Cayenne's fitter, sportier brother that gets all the hot dates. From the front, it's all-business with its familiar Porsche face, but it's party at the back with its powerful rump-end styling. There's a lightweight package that includes a carbonfibre roof and the cabin options include a nostalgic and very cool houndstooth fabric.

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935 'Moby Dick'

The 935's running gear may be based on the powertrain of the monstrous 911 GT2 RS but in the flesh, you're just bowled away in its presence, because of all the gorgeous details. There are just 77 units world-wide, and it was unveiled during the 2018 Rennsport Reunion as Porsche's 70th birthday present to itself.

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Skoda Scala
Skoda Scala

Skoda - Level 4, Booth 113

Skoda Scala

True to Skoda's fine form of offering big features and 'Simply Clever' solutions in its cars, the Scala is a compact hatchback that drops in between the Fabia supermini and the larger Octavia. Its masterclass in cabin packaging means it's versatile enough to be of practical use to couples all the way to young families.

Subaru - Level 6, Booth 206

Subaru VIZIV Adrenaline Concept

The rugged VIZIV Adrenaline Concept is the first concept vehicle designed under Subaru's “BOLDER” design philosophy that is intended to appeal to outgoing individuals, especially with its compelling combination of utility – to support one's active lifestyle – and credible off-roading ability.

Toyota - Level 6, Booth 202

Toyota Corolla Altis

Toyota's evergreen staple sedan, the Corolla Altis makes its appearance at the Singapore Motorshow. Now in its 12th generation (and spanning a legacy of over 50 years!), it boasts sporty styling and modern cabin aesthetics to appeal to a sophisticated buying demographic. Two 1.6-litre variants of the car are available, with a third hybrid model that features self-charging abilities and a claimed 4.4l/100km.

Toyota Prius+ Welcab

In line with the brand's push towards mobility for all, Borneo Motors showcases a Prius+ 'Welcab' at its booth. 'Welcab' models are designed to provide easy access/ingress/egress/storage for those who require special assistance. In this application, the front passenger seat can swivel out and lower itself (and its occupant) to the ground, where he/she can be transferred to a wheelchair.

Volkswagen - Level 4, Booth 112

VW T-Cross

The T-Cross capitalises on the big market for compact crossovers, and is slightly longer and taller than the Polo on which it is based. In any one of the many bright hues available, there's a sense of youthful exuberance to the car that lets it create a buzz on the streets, while the hint of its Touareg big brother in its eyes makes detractors keep their thoughts to themselves.

Volvo - Level 4, Booth 116

Volvo XC60 / S60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrids

All of Volvo's plug-in models (be it hybrids or full-electric) now fall under the 'Recharge' range, with the S60 and X60 Plug-in Hybrids the first of their kind in Singapore.

The 'Twin Engine' (electric and petrol) plug-in hybrid models offer a range of drive modes to suit different occasions – full Power mode with both petrol and electric motor at maximum output, Pure electric and a balanced Hybrid mode to optimise efficiency.

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