6 reasons why you must buy this Veilside R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R

By topgear, 25 June 2020

Holy moly, something rather special has hit the classifieds this week. It’s the 1995 Veilside Combat Evolution – based on the R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R – and you absolutely must buy it for the following reasons…

Reason number one. “What’s in a name?” asked Mr Shakespeare a while back. Well, William, we might not have the same levels of want for Veilside’s R33 if they hadn’t called it the fantastically bonkers Combat Evolution. Actually no, we would.

Reason number two – look at it! Veilside clearly decided that the R33 needed massive aero improvements, so it fitted a huge widebody kit, a gaping front bumper and a brilliant rear spoiler and diffuser combo. It’s the 90s tuning scene all rolled into one car. We love it.

The third reason why you must buy it is for the fame. The car’s fame that is, not yours. This particular R33 was published in numerous magazines at the time of its creation and even won the MVP award at the 1996 Tokyo Auto Salon. Nice.

Veilside also has some fantastic history behind it. Based near the Tsukuba Circuit, its bodykits have adorned some of the greatest Japanese performance cars. It has also had its cars featured in six of the 459 Fast and Furious movies, the most notable being Han’s fantastic RX-7 in Tokyo Drift.

The fifth reason for buying this thing would be that the upgrades are not just visual. There’s a Veilside exhaust, Tomei engine upgrades, an HKS turbo kit, a Nismo clutch, Brembo brakes and even Ohlins suspension.

And finally, we must discuss the price. Connecticut-based dealer Vistec R Imports currently has this thing listed for US$120,000. Plus, it’ll ship it anywhere in the world. If you’ve got that kind of money lying around, we can imagine this is very tempting indeed.

STORY Greg Potts
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