A hotter Nismo version of the Nissan Z is coming

By davidkhoo, 23 June 2023

Are you an American that likes sportscars? Because if you are, oh boy do we have some good news for you.

Nissan has released a YouTube video that gives us our very first look at a hotter version of the Z sportscar, although it clearly hasn’t worked out exactly what said version will be called.

On YouTube it is referred to as the Nissan Nismo Z, while the press release mentions that a Z NISMO will arrive later this summer. 

Anyway, we’ll stick with Nismo Z for now. We don’t have any details about changes from the standard car just yet, but we do know that the Nismo will still use a twin-turbo V6 and that it’ll likely have a power increase from the Z’s 400bhp. 

Thanks to the video, we also know that the Nismo Z will do very big skids, particularly if the driver is three-time Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg. Oh, and we can see that there are a number of cosmetic changes, including new wheels, a new spoiler and a much more attractive front bumper.

The red accents should be unique to the Nismo too, and it looks like there will be new Recaro bucket seats on the inside. 

Excited for the Nissan Nismo Z Nismo Nismo?

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