An artist has rendered these amazing pictures of abandoned modern supercars

By topgear, 12 November 2022

An artist has rendered these amazing pictures of abandoned modern supercars

Often with cars, it's the stories that bring them to life. Or in the case of these haunting set of images, take it from them. Designer Fabian Oberhammer has clearly channelled the vibes of seminal videogame The Last Of Us for his latest project, imagining a world where modern exotica has been left to rot.

Disturbing idea, but you can't fault the execution. Taking the concept of the 'barn find' and extrapolating it to the cars of the one percenters, Fabian's images render the wares of Bugatti, Pagani, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Rolls-Royce in distressing states of neglect. Suddenly, that 'barn-find Ford Cortina' doesn't quite cut it in the same way a derelict Huayra resting under a garage reclaimed by nature does.

"The vision was to basically make artworks of forgotten and deteriorated supercars and hypercars that are not only horrendously expensive, but also quite new," Fabian told, "so new that it's almost impossible for them to look like that already. I wanted to combine obvious surrealism with this touch of 'wait is that real? It can't be? Or is it?'.

Some people have interpreted it as what happens with all these cars if combustion engines are prohibited at some point, in the era of electric vehicles.

"I'd like to keep the interpretation open to each individual viewer. That's what makes these so interesting. Some people think it's real, some are blown away by the realism, some try to figure out where they are located and even offer to buy them off of me, some say this is a look into the future of combustion engines. I love to see all these different theories. And the main pillar of these renders is simply, I love cars," he added.

Indeed. Have a look at Fabian's amazing renders above.

Images courtesy of Dizzy Viper

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