It's time to beef up your Ford Ranger

By topgear, 20 March 2020

Tough times call for tough vehicles. And that’s exactly what you see here. Concerned the Ford Ranger we get in Europe can’t hold a candle to a rufty tufty F-series pick-up from the States? Give APG a call.

California-based APG is responsible for the Prorunner kit you see here. For the sum of US$10,573 in kit form, or US$15,948 fully installed, you can beef your Ranger up into something altogether more muscular.

Chief among the enhancements are a new carbon widebody (hand-laid and vacuum-infused, carbon construction fans) and adjustable, long-travel suspension. Wheels, tyres and shocks are up to you, mind. APG clearly sees the Prorunner treatment as part of a bigger, more ambitious build and offers an abundance of extras - stonking light bars included - accordingly.

Available on two- and four-wheel drive Rangers, you can fit it to any model made since 2019. Tempted?

STORY Stephen Dobie

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