Ahh, the joys of a manual transmission. The coveted art of heel and toe rev-matching, clutch kicking and good old fashioned shifting with a third pedal and a stick. Gone are the old days where manuals were offered with most consumer cars on the market. Today, these cars have been all but replaced with various automatic or automated manual transmissions like torque converters or dual-clutch packs.

Today, finding such a vehicle is no mean feat. But there are several options that stand out amidst the ever-growing slew of electrified or battery electric vehicles. Here are some of these rare gems.

Porsche Cayman

Gone are the days when the Porsche Cayman was referred to as the poor man’s 911. The Caymans of today are superb handling machines, delivering their own dose of fun. Best of all, some are equipped with 6-speed manual transmissions.

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Suzuki Swift Sport

The Suzuki Swift Sport may sport an MHEV system, but that system does little to inhibit the joy of rowing through the 6-gears manually. I’ve actually driven this some time ago and it was an absolute riot to chuck about.

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Porsche 911 (992-Gen)

Through the years, generations of 911 models have always been offered a manual. With this new 992-generation model, buyers would have a choice between Porsche’s fantastic double-clutch gearbox and a manual. Even the track-ready 911 GT3 and 911 GT3 Touring will be available with both the 7-speed PDK and the manual 6-speed. Great news for the diehard enthusiasts then.

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Toyota GR Yaris

260hp from a turbocharged 1.6-litre three-cylinder is a mighty impressive figure. And the best part, it has a 6-speed transmission and variable all-wheel-drive. Want to buy one? Well technically, you’re out of luck for now. All 22 examples of this homologation special in Singapore have been snapped up. Here's hoping Toyota will make more for Singapore's streets in future. 

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