TGS talks to Jason Low about Porsche GT sportscars : Low & Behold

By davidkhoo, 08 February 2023

TGS talks to Jason Low about Porsche GT sportscars : Low & Behold

Singapore - Through the years, we've come to realise that everyone's journey of discovery with Porsche is a different one.

After all, the brand is in that enviable position of being able to offer a diverse portfolio of cars to its devotees, which spans regular utility vehicles like the Cayenne/Macan, the iconic 911 sportscar and all the way through to the all-electric Taycan.

The idea is simple, if Porsche can sell you a car for every one of your different needs, you need never look outside the brand!

Of all its range, the Porsche Motorsport developed 'RS' models evoke the most frenzy from the petrolheads, both from its lucky owners, as well as the fanboy spotters.

There's something reassuringly consistent about the 'RS' models that spoils you for a lot of the other sportscars and continues to appeal to its fans, generation after generation.

Jason Low, owner of this Guards Red 718 Cayman GT4 RS tells us more about his love for fast cars and the Porsche GT models.

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TopGear Singapore (TGS) : How old are you? What got you hooked on fast cars?

Jason Low (JL) : I am 25. Everyone is attracted to something, I believe mine is the mechanical factor of the machine and how everything has to work together harmoniously for a car to go fast, especially with aerodynamic and cooling factors to keep the machine running.

Since I was young, I've followed motorsport races such as Formula 1, MotoGP and Germany's Touring Car Series (DTM) on television. It fascinates me how a fast car that is originally designed for a race series can be re-engineered and homologated for street use.

TGS : What is it about Porsche's GT models that appeals to you?

JL : Porsche GT models are engineered by a special team of people with lessons learned from the world of motorsports that focuses on one thing and one thing only: The driving experience.

The Porsche GT models appeal to a very specific crowd – people with an understanding and appreciation for time spent at the track – as opposed to people who just want a fast car for day-to-day usability.

TGS : What does 'RS' mean to you as a driver and an enthusiast?

JL : In Porsche’s definition, 'RS' stands for 'RennSport', or 'Racing'. In such cases, lap times are the priority, instead of the driving experience. That’s why there is the 718 GT4 and 911 GT3 if you're after driving experience.

RS also means that I have to forget about the vehicle’s usability and comfort, although I should qualify that with the GT4RS, both luggage compartments in the front and rear of the vehicle remain usable.

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TGS : The GT4 RS is priced very closely to a 992 GT3. After having driven it on road and track, what do you have to say about how different it is from a 'regular' GT3?

JL : Although the GT3 has a longer history than the GT4 RS, the GT4 RS is better suited to my needs. Here’s what I learned about the GT4 RS after taking it to Sepang International Circuit (photos above supplied by Jason shot by Anson Cheong).

The naturally-aspirated induction noise from the intake that sits right behind my ears is phenomenal. The fact that Porsche had the ideal of putting this in a road car is respectable.

As for the car's balance, the mid-engine configuration performs exceptionally well in corners. To me, the GT4 RS is deserving of the 'RS' badge as it retains the motorsport factor of being raw, uncompromising and visceral.

With the 992 GT3, the steering turn-in with the new double-wishbone front suspension is superb, but I was looking for the sort of driving engagement I knew I could only get with the GT4 RS.

Perhaps this is Porsche’s way of differentiating the RS from the regular GT models. From a financial aspect, it isn't hard to justify the costs of the 718 GT4 RS over the 992 GT3 as the former is a rarer car that boasts the same internals, yet performs harder.

Moreover, it will likely be the only GT4 RS ever before Porsche moves the 718 platform to electric vehicles.

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TGS : Your collection is spread over Singapore and North America, what are some of the stars of the collection?

JL : Some stars of my collection include the 991.2 GT2 RS, a 997.1 GT3 RS, Skyline R34 GT-R, Jaguar Project 8 and E46 M3 to name a few. I chose these cars to highlight as they are the few that bring me the most joy.

Not many people know this, but vehicles imported to North America have different requirements for safety regulations from the rest of the world, which means that they may not get equipment available in Singapore or elsewhere.

The 997.1 GT3 RS imported from Switzerland is a 'real' GT3 RS, as it comes with plastic windows, full-cage and carbon seats from the Carrera GT.

Although the GT2 RS is an absolute track beast, I value driving experience over lap times and this is where the R34 GT-R and E46 M3 come in. They are not fast as compared to the others, but for driving experience they are hard to beat.

TGS : Do you only buy, but never sell?

JL : I keep the ones that I enjoy and let go of the ones I don’t in favour of finding the next car that gives me the driving experience I'm looking for before everything goes electric.

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