Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS Drive Review : Wild Thing [COTY2022]

By davidkhoo, 05 February 2023

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS Drive Review : Wild Thing [COTY2022]

SingaporeDo you know what it’s like to be led into temptation every day?

Judging by the self-restraint we had to exercise each time we were in a pal’s 718 Cayman GT4 RS for the COTY shoot, I’d have to say, “Yes!”

It’s hard to imagine not flogging the thrilling nat-asp 4.0-litre flat6 to its 9k rpm redline at every chance… but then again it’s also hard to imagine not having a valid driving licence, so it’s a good thing we have plenty of self-discipline!

In case you’re wondering, the GT4 RS isn’t just ‘another Cayman GT4’, no siree.

This tarmac terrorist is a dyed-in-wool Porsche Motorsport GT model with the raunchiest soundtrack and tightest handling we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing on both winding road and track, specifically the Estoril Circuit in Portugal.

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You know you’re in for a headbanging good time when there’s a container overflowing with ear-plugs at the reception desk, because the 4.0-litre sounds its best wrung to its 9000rpm redline… and not everyone can take this intense eargasm for extended periods of time.

“But, but but… isn’t this the same engine found in the GT3?”

Well, yes and no and yes and no, because in the rear-engined GT3, the air-box doesn’t sit directly behind your head at ear-level, does it?

Well, in the GT4 RS, it does and in the cost-optional Weissach Package, the airbox is finished in all its exposed carbonfibre glory!

In fact, all the exposed carbonfibre you see around this car are hallmarks of the Weissach Package, including the rear-wing, bonnet and left and right ram-air window ducts that force-gulp huge tracts of air into the airbox.

In turn, this leads to the creation of the most magical mechanical music to drown out all the Gretas of the world any petrolhead will ever have the pleasure of enjoying, especially as the world coasts silently towards an electric dominated future.

However, it isn’t just the obvious exposed carbonfibre elements that help drop the kilos, because the front fenders are also made of carbonfibre (albeit painted obvs), with lightweight carpets, lightweight door panels with the trademark fabric door-pulls, privacy panel delete (this means unfiltered air-intake rapture!), a lighter Gorilla-glass rear-windscreen and minimal insulation rounding-up the weight loss regime.

The Cayman GT4 RS isn’t solely about the engine of course, because as any Porschephile worth his/her weight in premium unleaded will know, the ‘RS’ moniker is short form for biggest driving thrills you’ll ever have on four-wheels.

For the 911s, ‘RS’ stands for ‘Renn Sport’ (or Race Sport in English), but for the 718 Cayman, the ‘RS’ stands for ‘Renn Spaß’, which loosely translates to Race Fun… and oh what fun it is to ride indeed

As if the aggro adjustable aero (the rear-wing on its swan-neck stands is inspired by the 992 GT3), flat under-body, NACA ducts (bonnet and undertray) and the fender louvres aren’t enough of a giveaway, the GT4 RS is a veritable weapon of track destruction.

This particular Arctic Grey car is tricked up to the hilt with carbon-ceramic brakes, blue accents on the rims and a running blue theme in the cabin with the contrast stitching and seat-centres similarly colour-coded.

From the driver’s seat, the key highlights are the redline on the tacho and then you turn your head to appreciate the gorgeous motorsports bling of the titanium rollcage and carbonfibre airbox.

It is only with the Porsche RS models that you really feel more with less, and by less, we mean less sound deadening, less useless weight (well, apart from this driver!) and less distraction to the task at hand – fast and furious driving!

Make no mistake about it, there’s a scintillating joy to flogging the GT4 RS hard to the accompaniment of the engine’s throaty, thrilling soundtrack, which envelops you in a cocoon of riotous cacophony.

Everything about the driving experience is amplified by a thousand times, from the rapidfire shifts of the PDK dual-clutch gearbox to the bite of the engine’s response and the perfectly balanced mid-engined rear-drive configuration.

Even the 7spd PDK gearbox is a combination of all the tasty bits from the most riveting GT models of recent times: The gear set and axle ratio are from the 991.2 GT3 RS, the LSD is from the manual 991.2 GT3, the dual mass flywheel is from the 982 GT4 Clubsport and the ‘manual’ look shift selector is carried over from the 992 GT3.

From steering to brake pedal and paddle-shifters, all the sensory touch-points between man and machine are perfectly weighted to allow you millimetre-precise control, even as the 918 Spyder carbon bucket seat holds you perfectly in place.

However, we should add that it’s only a hard-turn-in or throttle jab away from dancing sideways if you’re going for fun, and not fast lap-times.

The fluid and organic reactions of the alert and very attentive GT4 RS is probably why we love it so much, especially given that the coming 992 GT3 RS has really turned into a big downforce track beast!

The 718 GT4 RS’s ferocious pace, lithe agility, playful chassis and relatively compact size add up to a wonderfully balanced sportscar that will suit-up when you (race)suit-up to set a prim and proper lap time, yet will lead you into temptation by letting you live out your wildest fantasies through its salacious blend of sex and violence!

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Engine 3996cc, 24v, flat6, nat-asp
Power/rpm 500hp/8400rpm
Torque/rpm 450Nm/6750rpm
Transmission 7spd PDK dual-clutch
0-100km/h 3.4secs
Top speed 315km/h
Kerbweight (DIN) 1415kg
Fuel Consumption (WLTP) 13.2l/100km
CO2 (WLTP) 299g/km

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