Porsche Centre Singapore rolls out unaccompanied test drives and contactless servicing

By topgearsingapore, 19 July 2020

Singapore – Porsche Centre Singapore announced two new initiatives - unaccompanied test drives and contactless vehicle maintenance. In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic and safe distancing measures, complimentary vehicle collection and return for servicing and repair appointments will be offered at both Porsche Service Centres at Tanjong Penjuru and Leng Kee.

Mr. Jason Lim, General Manager of Stuttgart Auto, said, “Providing an outstanding brand experience while safeguarding the health and safety of Porsche customers remains our top priority. We are constantly looking for new ways to engage with our customers and will continue to adapt to any needs that arise to ensure that Porsche owners enjoy the highest standards of service and ultimate peace of mind.” 

As Singapore enters Phase 2 of a gradual easing of restrictions, potential owners can now get behind the wheel of a Porsche for unaccompanied test drives by simply contacting Porsche Centre Singapore. 

The test drive experience will begin with a virtual sales consultation conducted via a WhatsApp video call, where the Sales Consultant will introduce and highlight the key features of the vehicle up close, before confirming an unaccompanied test drive appointment. 

After the necessary documentation is completed and a fully-refundable security deposit is placed, a sanitised Porsche demo of their choice will be handed over to the customer.

During the test drive, the customer is in constant contact with the sales consultants via an in-car communication device. Naturally, the demo vehicles are properly sanitised after each test-drive.

The entire vehicle purchase journey can be contactless, as the administrative process has been securely digitised.

Once the purchase is confirmed, the vehicle will be rigorously disinfected ahead of its delivery to the new owner's doorstep. 

Porsche owners can now enjoy the option of contactless servicing and repair, which even includes a complimentary* vehicle collection and return service if the service/repairs are scheduled within the first five years of ownership.

The vehicles are picked up from a location of their choice and delivered to the Service Centre. After the work is completed, the vehicle is disinfected before its return to the owner.

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