Of course this is a Toyota GR Yaris convertible*

By topgear, 21 January 2020

This, girls and boys, is a Toyota GR Yaris convertible. It exists not in real life, but digitally on the hard drive of X-Tomi Design, a favourite renderer of TG.

X-Tomi’s usual fare is forecasting performance cars of the future, acting as a crystal ball for motor shows to come. Here, though, we have more a flight of fancy. A soft-top version of a hardcore homologation hot hatch – one with 272hp, four-wheel drive and lightweight body panels – is a preposterous idea. One whose announcement would cause us to collapse backwards into our wheelie office chairs.

But hey, plenty of other unexpected convertibles have happened. So never say never. Reckon Toyota should run with X-Tomi’s idea? Or run from it?

STORY Stephen Dobie

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