Volvo 245 estate to become flagship display at the Natural History Museum

By topgear, 08 August 2023

Here's's roving correspondent, Cory Spondent, with his mostly incorrect exclusives from the world of motoring

Volvo 245 estate to become flagship display at the Natural History Museum

The skeleton of an enormous Volvo estate is set to become the main attraction at London’s Natural History Museum, just days after the species went extinct in the UK.

The last of Volvo’s estate and saloon vehicles died out on these shores after the ecosystem that supported them collapsed, although they continue to roam the continent on mainland Europe.

Unearthed in a garage in Scunthorpe, the carcass of the Volvo 245 will be hung from the ceiling of the museum’s world-famous Hintze Hall before being moved into a permanent exhibit, where it will sit alongside a fossilised Ford Fiesta and a Volkswagen Beetle preserved in amber.

The display will also serve as a warning to visitors about the ongoing threat posed by the predator that killed it: the terrifying Essyewveeitus Gargantuous, more commonly known as the 'SUV'.

“We’re delighted that this stunning example of a 245 is coming to the Natural History Museum,” said a spokesperson. “The moment we told David Attenborough about it, he immediately binned off a day doing voiceover for Blue Planet 3 so he could attend the grand opening in person.

“What’s exciting is that our younger visitors will be able to see what a practical car used to look like, and understand that our ancient roads used to be a diverse place; not the wasteland of pointlessly bulky, high-riding crossovers that dominate the landscape today.

“And they won’t believe how big the 245 is. It’s huge. The hall used to be home to an adult-sized Diplodocus, but getting that through the entrance was a piece of cake compared to this.”

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