You must spec your new Porsche 911 with a 1980s interior

By topgear, 29 April 2020

Porsche’s Exclusive Manufaktur department is forever finding new and incredibly tempting ways of parting their customers from their many dollars. Such as the ‘930 Leather Package’, which trims your 911’s cabin in a vaguely Eighties style in homage to the 930-era 911 Turbo.

It’s standard on the new 911 Turbo S, but now the pack has been made available on all other 911s along with a load of other options as part of the new model year.

Options like the super-clever ‘Innodrive’ adaptive cruise control from the Cayenne and Panamera, plus a ‘Smartlift’ nose-lifter that remembers where exactly you need a bit of extra ground clearance, then lifts your nose automatically when you get there.

Lightweight glass is an option for coupes, saving 4kg, and the colour palette features a new shade of bright green. Best of all, though, is that this update marks the arrival of the manual gearbox.

Available at no extra cost over the 8spd PDK, all 7spd manual 911s come with the desirable Sport Chrono package, plus active engine mounts, Porsche’s torque-vectoring system and a mechanically locking rear differential. Oh hell yes.

STORY Tom Harrison

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