It's a Subaru Impreza inspired BMW M2

By topgear, 29 September 2017

Alright, this isn’t the long-awaited BMW M2 CSL. It’s a lick of paint and some new wheels.

But we thought you’d like to see it, as it’s a very famous colour scheme and one that likely inspires a few opinions.

So the blue’n’gold we associate with Subaru Imprezas (we can't forget the Renault Clio Williams either) has been applied to the littlest M car, the punchy M2.

If you need a reminder, its turbo straight-six sends 370bhp to the rear wheels, endowing the wee coupe with a 250km/h top speed and 4.5secs 0-100km/h time.

The wheels are from Vossen – specifically, 20in examples of the smoothly named VPS-314T from the Forged Precision Series – while the paint appears to be BMW’s own Long Beach Blue.

You’ve no doubt seen it on M2s before, but adding gold wheels suddenly gives the whole thing a Germanic Impreza 22B look. Which we rather like.

It’s also a prime excuse to waste some more time on Vossen’s exhaustive online configurator. Don’t click the link if you have actual work to do…


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