“Art in the Night Race, The New Floodlights” exhibition showcases sustainability inspired by the Singapore Grand Prix

By benchia, 13 September 2023

Art in the Night Race, The New Floodlights – an exhibition to showcase sustainability inspired by the Singapore Grand Prix

SINGAPORE - A new exhibition, “Art in the Night Race, The New Floodlights”, will showcase art projects that highlights sustainability and environmental consciousness, with a series of exhibits that utilises discarded floodlights inspired by the Singapore Grand Prix night race.

The exhibition will run from 13 to 19 September, at The Arts House, and is organised by DZ Engineering SRL, in partnership with Signify, a world leader in lighting solutions that have provided the floodlights for the Singapore Grand Prix.

The exhibition will feature art works created by ten local artists, each providing their own take and perspective in the process of transforming discarded floodlights into art pieces. They are:

• Anuska Sakar, who challenges perceptions and identities in “Synthesis", merging digital and hand-drawn art to delve into the depths of the mind.

• Elena Lo Giudice, who disassembles floodlight components in "Anatomy and Soul of a special piece”, creating abstract, thought-provoking images that infuse sustainability with artistry.

• Jeyasree Chandrakumaran, who captures the essence of podium achievements by sculpting floodlights into a curve reminiscent of an F1 car's front.

• Kumari Nahappan, who stacks floodlight components into twin columns, resembling the doors of a mystical wardrobe in "Cabinet of Curiosities”, symbolising rebirth and our connection with nature.

• Victoria Hertel, who repurposes broken tempered glass from floodlight panels to create hand-blown glass vessels, connecting the racetrack and the audience through an olfactory experience in “Nocturne".

• Yeo Ker Siang, who creates an LED-backlit fabric lightbox, preserving and re-illuminating the light generated by the floodlights as a luminary artefact for future generations.

• Daniel Chong's "A resumption" signifies a start after a pause, celebrating a changing of seasons using the sleeping body of the old floodlights as a vase with an ikebana floral arrangement of new lights, symbolising rebirth. 

• Ashley Hi's "Blinker Sink" consists of kinetic sculptures manipulating light's dappling ability, demonstrating different tempos of light and the stretching and compression of time. 

• Iman Sengupta's "Anima" delves into the mystical interplay of light, space, and the boundless realms of the human imagination. 

• Chok Si Xuan's "Permeance" plays with the contrast and form of floodlight components, creating a freestanding sculpture that holds seemingly contradicting moments, reflecting lightness, darkness, reflectivity, and glow.

The art works utilise a variety of techniques, from assembly to disassembly, to highlight their creativity, and some artists uses parts or the entire floodlight to create a sensory experience.

The exhibition aims to encourage visitors to reevaluate the environmental footprint of motorsport events.

By repurposing old floodlights into art, this exhibition showcases the potential for sustainable practices within the motorsport industry, sparking conversations about the importance of eco-conscious choices and their impact on our planet.

The exhibition is curated by Nadia Stefanel, Director of Dino Zoli Foundation, who has worked on numerous cultural events of motorsport in Singapore, and the art works showcases the transformative power of creativity through three lenses: Illumination, Transformation, and Symbolism.

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Exhibition Information 
13 September to 19 September 2023
Opening Hours: 10am to 8pm
Location: The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429 

Admission: Free 

Note: The vernissage night on 13 September 2023 will be held exclusively for authorities, sponsors, and VIP guests.

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