Check out this fantastic Lego Camel Trophy Land Rover

By topgear, 09 April 2021

What you’re looking at above is a Lego set created by Manuel Nascimento that pays tribute to the Land Rovers that once competed in the Camel Trophy – the rather gruelling expedition competition that ran from 1980 to 2000. 

Fantastic little set isn’t it? It actually won Nascimento a ‘Best in Show’ award at the 2017 Paredes de Coura LEGO Fan Weekend in Portugal, and we reckon Lego would be bonkers not to make it official. Especially given Land Rover’s new real-life interpretation is so pricey.

Front and centre is of course that fully kitted out Defender 110, which has the iconic Camel livery, a snorkel, a winch, a working lightbar and even a roof tent on top. Brilliant. It’s on chunky tyres and the interior is pretty much all there too. Probably comfier than a fully sized Defender in there, isn’t it?

Fancy more Camel Trophy action? Click these blue words for some brilliant real-life archive pics. 

STORY Greg Potts
PHOTOS Manuel Nascimento

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