BMW M is planning a 600hp+ iX M60 electric SUV

By topgear, 06 June 2021

The BMW iX is back to bless/trouble your eyes. It’s back because the folks in Bavaria have announced that an iX M60 with an ‘output exceeding 600hp’ will join the range at some point in the near future. Good grief.

Yep, BMW’s M division is working on an all-electric, all-wheel drive performance SUV. Ready the servers, the bottom hald of the internet might be about to implode…

We also now know specifics surrounding the entry-level xDrive40 and the mid-range xDrive50 that BMW confirmed back in March this year. The xDrive40 will get 324hp and 400km of range from its 70kWh battery, whilst the xDrive50 gets 523hp and 600km of range from a 100kWh battery. Oh, and the latter will do 0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds, so God only knows how quick the M60 will be. 

There’ll be two trim levels for those two models in the UK from launch – Sport and M Sport – with M Sport adding a completely un-ironic ‘Aerodynamics Pack’ that includes a fancy body kit, M Sport brakes and dark headlight glass. We don’t yet know what styling changes the M60 will get.

All models will get the standard 12.3-inch instrument cluster that merges with into a 14.9-inch infotainment screen, though, as well as a Harmon/Kardon sound system and 21-inch wheels.

So, what do we think, Internet? Excited for a 600hp+ BMW EV SUV?

STORY Greg Potts

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