BMW X3 xDrive30e arrives in Singapore

By topgearsingapore, 21 March 2020

Singapore welcomes the new BMW X3 xDrive30e, the third Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) in the brand's current model range to feature a plug-in hybrid drive and all-wheel drive. The combination of BMW's intelligent all-wheel drive 'xDrive' and eDrive technology results in a sustainable and versatile vehicle for the city.

In total, the 4cylinder petrol engine and the electric motor of the plug-in hybrid system generate a system output of 292hp and a system torque of 420Nm. The X3 xDrive30e will zip from standstill to 100km/h in 6.1secs on its way to its 210km/h top speed.

The combination of the intelligent all-wheel-drive system and state-of-the-art BMW eDrive technology sees it average 2.8l/100km. The combined power consumption of the new BMW X3 xDrive30e is 18.3kWh/100km, with all-electric range from the lithium-ion battery estimated to be 51-55km.

The new BMW X3 xDrive30e is produced at the BMW plant in Spartanburg, USA – alongside the conventionally powered model variants of the BMW X3. The popular SAV is the first model of the brand to be offered with both a conventional combustion engine and a plug-in hybrid system – an all-electric variant will be added in due course.

Depending on the operating mode and the road conditions, the electric motor can be used either for purely electric mobility or to support the combustion engine and can be toggled between MAX eDrive and the default Auto eDrive for different drive characteristics.

The new BMW X3 xDrive30e comes in xLine and M Sport trim levels, with retail price starting from S$251,888 at Performance Motors Limited.

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