Brabus works its magic on the Range Rover to create a 600hp 4x4 hot-rod

By topgear, 20 August 2023

Brabus Range Rover Vogue 600 arrives in time for Monterey Car Week

Perhaps the pressure of approaching a British institution – a car literally fit for royalty – has rendered German tuner Brabus a little mute, because as the company's now infamous mods go, this is fairly… subtle, no?

Oh sure, it’s still a Brabus, which means massive wheels and new bumpers and more power and more attitude, but it’s not a Cathedral dressed up in running shoes. It is, unbelievably, the first ever Range Rover the company has ever tuned, revealed just in time for California’s now famous ‘Car Week’.

And yes, the standard Rangie’s clean, uncluttered face has been replaced with a socking great front bumper with a pair of massive air intakes either side and a new front spoiler.

But look, we're just saying there could have been more intake and bumper and so on.

There’s been work on the rear – an extended rear fascia, rear diffuser, spoiler – along with four exhaust pipes. Wheels – Brabus 20-spoke Monoblock items – are available in either 23in or 24in sizes running Continental tyres.

Said tyres have been matched to Brabus’s ‘SportXtra’ module that tweaks the standard car’s air suspension and lowers the ride height by 20mm. Elsewhere, another module – this one plugged into the ECU – liberates an additional 70hp from the BMW-sourced 4.4-litre turbo V8 of the P530 base car, to record 600hp and 900Nm of torque.

Brabus claims as a result, the 0-100km.h time – perhaps the least important metric of a Range Rover – is now 4.5secs, while top speed remains limited at 250km/h.

No, an important Rangie metric is that of the interior ambience, and here the German tuner has deemed it prudent to add aluminium finishing for the pedals and footrest, and a highly customisable interior. This show car gets pistachio quilted leather quilted literally everywhere, along with black piping.

Indeed this show car is said to cost €388,000, but your price may vary depending on how you spec your Brabus 600 Rangie. How loud can you go?

STORY Vijay Pattni

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